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InnVitro 7 years: global solutions in toxicology

And that's how it was... 7 years ago, we found ourselves making a decision we never thought of: to undertake. Four scientists with extensive laboratory backgrounds but little experience in taking a business into their own hands.

During all the years that we have been implementing and executing toxicological tests in a CRO, interacting with industries from different segments, it has become clear that the sector lacks scientific support in toxicology to meet regulatory requirements and boost the area of ​​research and development of business.

But it was a fifth person, a born entrepreneur, who convinced us that we had an innovative business on our hands: using our years and experience and cutting-edge scientific knowledge in the field of toxicology to solve bottlenecks and challenges of national industries.

Thus, on August 4, 2014, InnVitro Pesquisa & Desenvolvimento was born, with four scientists and a businessman in a co-working room in Porto Alegre (RS). In a few weeks, due to a sad fatality, we found ourselves without the support of the visionary entrepreneur. And we had to reinvent ourselves. Learn more about administration, marketing, and the business itself. After six months, we added one more person to manage our commercial area, bringing new perceptions and challenges to the minds trained in science.

In the beginning, we tried to offer turnkey solutions for industries. However, when following our path, we understand that each company has its own challenge and needs a solution designed for its moment.

And now, seven years later, we are still going strong, conquering the market and being recognized for the quality of our services. It's not always easy; we don't always get it right. But we always learn and use every positive or negative feedback as a springboard to drive change.

Now, almost 100 projects later, we have a story that involves:

  • more than 98% approval of our projects;

  • we serve more than 50 customers from 8 segments;

  • more than 250 people trained in in-company workshops, courses, and training;

  • an extensive network of qualified partners to carry out in silico, in vitro, and in vivo toxicological tests, consulting in the analytical, regulatory, clinical trials, and different aspects of toxicology;

  • active participation in discussions in technical chambers;

  • active participation in Scientific Societies and Innovation Networks.

  • frequent invitations to participate in scientific meetings, boards, awards, and many other things.

Thank you very much for following us over these seven years to all customers, partners, and friends. Without everyone's support, these years would not have been so rewarding.

We will move forward, always looking for new scientific strategies to solve challenges in Toxicology.

Thank you for your audience.

Best Regards,

InnVitro Team

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