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InnVitro - Internationally Certified Toxicology

2022 was a year of great satisfaction for us in InnVitro: the market recognized our primary philosophy of using high-level scientific knowledge in all our work. And, to close 2022 exceptional, it is with great pride that we let you know that we have a DABT at InnVitro. Our CEO Izabel Vianna Villela, Ph.D., is part of the 2022 class of graduates of the American Board of Toxicology - ABT, one of the few DABT toxicologists working in Brazil. It is difficult, and there is no single formula for training a Toxicologist. It is a continuous learning, acquisition, and refinement of knowledge. The professional can do a degree in Pharmacy, Biology, Biomedicine, or many other related areas, he can go through Master's and Doctorate training, but he certainly still needs a lot of practical experience to become a good Toxicologist.

A few existing entities in the United States of America, Europe, and Asia grant certifications for professional Toxicologists. And one of the most recognized, prestigious, and challenging certifications is awarded by the American Board of Toxicology (ABT) exam. The American Board of Toxicology conducts an annual exam applicable only to candidates with proven experience in toxicology. The exam comprises 160 questions to be answered in 4 hours, including applied toxicology, mechanistic toxicology, conducting toxicology studies, and risk assessment.

Those approved became diplomated by ABT, which certifies their knowledge in ​​toxicology. And Izabel Vianna Villela achieved this honor with all glories, as in all the projects she proposes. Born in Pelotas (RS), Izabel did all her education in public schools and universities. She completed his primary education at Colégio Municipal Pelotense. and entered the first class of the Bachelor of Biological Sciences course at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel). She began his scientific activities right at the beginning of his graduation in the Congenital Malformations Monitoring Program. She moved on to environmental mutagenesis with an exchange program in Spain in Biotechnology. She went to Porto Alegre to do his Master's and Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Biotechnology Center of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), remaining in the Mutagenesis area.

Simultaneously, Izabel Villela began practical work in a CRO for pre-clinical genotoxicity and cytotoxicity, where she dedicated herself to implementing new test methods and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). It was a period of great learning, with strong interaction with the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, medical device, cosmetic, and petrochemical industries. After completing her Doctorate, she continued to work actively at CRO, promoted the implementation of new tests focused on Alternative Methods to Animal Experimentation, and expanded her activities in the quality area, acting as a GLP and ISO17025 Evaluator at the RS Metrological Network and ISO17025 at CGCRE/ INMETRO. Always looking to increase his knowledge and accept new challenges, she did postdoctoral work in the Molecular Toxicology laboratory at the University of Surrey, England. Upon returning, she pioneered the coordination of the project to implement alternative methods to the use of animals financed by the public notice that gave rise to RENAMA (Brazilian Network of Alternative Methods). She directed the experience acquired towards founding InnVitro Pesquisa & Desenvolvimento S/S Ltda, a Toxicology Management and Support company that brought together professional CRO partners, mainly four longtime friends. A new challenge, a new way of interacting with the industry, and a new way of thinking about toxicology. It's been more than eight years of supporting the industry to meet the demands of regulatory toxicology. During this period, Izabel Villela continues to work with RENAMA, is part of the Board of Directors of the UFRGS Biotechnology Center, and is the Executive Director of REDE SulBiotec. There were many courses, training, and hours of study to build the knowledge that enabled approval in such a selective test.

Our DABT Izabel Villela, Ph.D, demonstrated her strength of work, competence, and desire to acquire solid scientific knowledge early in her career. She is a highly accomplished professional who drives any project she dedicates herself to with enthusiasm and determination. And she still has time to be a wife and mother to a girl, a boy, and a dear friend. Aggregator, she makes a fundamental point of living as much as possible with everyone. Always has a smile, special attention, a friendly word, and a tight hug! This certification seals InnVitro's expertise in Toxicology, and our reports have gained even more weight and national and international recognition.

The InnVitro team is thrilled to have DABT Izabel Villela, Ph.D., with us!

We appreciate your audience! See you later!

Miriam Benicio da Fonseca, MsC - COO


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